Save A Stray Update

Despite 2020 being such a difficult year for us all because of the Pandemic, animal rescue never takes a day off! We had some major challenges as did all rescues with not being able to spay cats like we normally would have so it seems this spring we are really feeling it with so many kittens being born and it’s been a pretty busy year for us so far! We continue to foster, vet and transport those that come into our rescue when we have space and funds available. We continue to focus on actively spaying and neutering with our monthly clinics thanks to the overwhelming support from Dr Katy and the entire Sage Country Vet Team! If you believe in and support our efforts we would be most grateful for a donation in any amount. We are feeding a lot of cats and kittens right now, and helping with the cost of the spay and neuter clinics. So far this year over 100 local cats have been fixed and several dogs!! These efforts will stop so much suffering of unwanted kittens and puppies from being born. If you prefer to support us by donating cat food we could certainly use that as well. Any friskies dry or pate canned is what we use the most. One of our generous donors (thank you Sally!)has set up a monthly order from chewy delivered right to us and we appreciate that alot! Our address for delivery is 132 South Buena Vista in Burns. We also have an account with Sage Country Vet and at U S Bank. Our mailing address is P O Box 403 in Burns. PayPal is also set up if you click on our website address here on our FB page and look for the “Donate” button. Thank you!

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