A Look Back At 2013

Well where do I begin?  Another year has gone by and we are still doing our best to help the people and animals of Harney County.  As of today 84 dogs and puppies and 125 cats and kittens have been rescued by Save A Stray.  We continue to help the low income people with low cost spaying and neutering to control to pet overpopulation and want to thank Dr. Katy Wallace of Sage Country Vet for her help in this area.  We could not do it with out her and her team, they have helped us in so many ways this past year!  We want to also thank the Harney County Vet Clinic for housing all the stray dogs and keeping them safe until their owners or Save A Stray bails them out.  No adoptable dog has been euthanized in over 5 years now! We continue to ask for your support, most if not all of the animals rescued by Save A Stray are transported to other shelters and rescues. Donations to help with gas are needed as well as for food while they are in foster care waiting to be transported.  Any amount is appreciated and goes directly to the animals care.  Our P O Box in Burns is 403 and we also have an account at US Bank.

We are also so excited about the new House Bill regarding anti chaining of dogs for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This law goes into effect on January 1st 2014 and we know now that several dogs living this way in Harney County will finally have a voice.  If you know of anyone that continually chains their dog or dogs please notify the sheriffs department at 573-6028 or the Burns Police department at 573-6781.  Or you can call Save A Stray at 541-589-1104.  We all need to be a voice for these poor dogs living their lives at the end of chains.  Can you even imagine just one day living that way..?  Most of the time their water has been tipped over by the chain, do they even get fed on a regular basis?  Do they have adequate shelter? Is their environment clean?  Can they even get away from their own waste? Do they EVER get off the chain or get ANY attention?  Save A Stray can help and wants to help but if we don’t know about them, we can’t.  We need YOUR help!

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