Two Day Spay and Neuter Clinic

With the help of Dr. Katy and her staff from Sage Country Vet, Save A Stray was able to spay and neuter 17 cats and 12 dogs! Many of these dogs and cats were females and would have gone on to reproduce more litters of unwanted puppies and kittens. All of the cats were from two different feral colonies where we also caught 11 kittens that we were able to get into rescues to be tamed down so they wouldn’t have to be released back into the wild. The dogs were owned mostly by people on disability and could not afford to get them fixed any other way. Save A Stray is currently in the process of applying for a second grant to be able to continue to do more clinics like this one. ┬áBoth days were very long and tiring for everyone, especially Dr. Katy who went above and beyond to help us out doing ALL those surgeries! ┬áThank You Dr. Katy and staff!!

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