Last year Save A Stray is happy to report 117 dogs and puppies were rescued, many were transported to rescues and shelters and a few were adopted locally. Over 70 cats were fostered, rehomed and transferred to other shelters when room was available.

We assisted in over 264 spay and neuter surgeries which will mean now hundreds of unwanted kittens and puppies won’t be born into a world with not enough homes. We also held our first TNR Clinic in April where 70 feral cats were spayed and neutered in one day. Our work in that area will continue if we can get the grant money to keep it going.We also on occasion help with pet food needs and emergency vet needs when we have the funds. All of our efforts could not continue without donations from our local community, no amount is too small and every penny is used for the direct care of the animals. We don’t have a building to support, instead we foster in our homes until there is room at a shelter or rescue to take in the animals we rescue from harm’s way.

A big THANK YOU to Kimberly and Shelby Brinson that made up wonderful baskets for a dog and a cat to be raffled off during the Christmas Jamboree. They went all out to help Save A Stray and we really appreciate it a lot! We adopted 5 kittens at the Jamboree and want to thank all of you that stopped by to say hi, donate and adopt!

We also want to thank all of you that support us each day with your encouragement to keep going, bringing us cat and dog food, buying litter for our foster mom, putting your change in the cans around town, cash donations and transporting animals for us. ¬†All of your support is priceless and we couldn’t do it without you!

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