Daisy was being “picked” on by some of the other dogs so she had been penned for several weeks out on the Princeton property.  Thanks to foster mom Eileen,  she has a chance for a new beginning.  Eileen writes:

Daisy is one of the dogs from the Burns hoarding case. She has been with us for five days now and has made great progress– though it is definitely two steps forward and one step back. Still, it’s delightful to see her wandering around the house exploring. She is staying in a 4 x 4 pen in our living room. We keep a 6-foot leash on her so we can get some control when needed.

Sometimes we use a crate but mostly not. Daisy is eating and drinking well now and eliminating outside. It’s still kind of tricky maneuvering her with the leash, it’s part pulling and part herding her out. I was worried about Daisy wanting to escape over the fence but what she really wants is to get back inside the house!

Daisy is a rather pretty girl who looks like an over-sized Schipperke or a tiny black German Shepherd. She weighs about 25 lbs.

An interesting thing about Daisy is that while she is still fearful of us, she doesn’t want to be left alone either. I guess she figures that after
being kidnapped and imprisoned, her keepers are all she’s got. But that gives us a tool to work with her, knowing that she wants to trust us and link with us.

This is our second Burns dog and we got so very much help from following the FurKidz 911 blogs. FurKidz 911 fostered many of the Burns dogs. After reading their stories we knew what to expect and were not alarmed by the dogs shutting down at first. Thanks so much to FurKidz 911!

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