We still need foster homes!

We are so CLOSE with about 10 more dogs to rescue!

Can you believe how far we have come since December?  Counting all the dogs and puppies born before or after they were rescued, our new count is <drum roll> 123 rescued from this situation!!  Every dog that was in a pen or living at the end of a chain has now been rescued thanks to SO many wonderful people that have stepped in to help out!

The really good news of the moment is that the court is giving us more time because rescue continues actively moving forward.

I know I have been saying “about a dozen more” for awhile now.  Here’s why:  it becoming harder and harder to find places for the dogs to go.  Many of the people who so generously offered to help back in January and February are no longer in a position to do so.  We’re down to about 10 dogs that need placement.

If you, or someone you know, could help out with fostering, please email me!

Fosters Needed NOW!

My deepest thanks to everyone who called, emailed and sent cards about my dad’s passing.  He loved hearing about this rescue and during our last visit he asked me how it was going with these dogs.  It meant a lot to him too, things will never be the same without him there in Burns every time I go “home”.

I also owe a great big THANK YOU to Keleigh Schwartz of beachdog.com, our HCSAS webmaster!  In the very early stages of this rescue she knew I needed to get the word out if these dogs were going to be saved so she took up the torch and created the website and she continues to do all my postings and updates. I couldn’t have done this without her help and support!!  <webmaster’s note:  ::blush:: >

Also, a big thanks to Maria and her FurKidz911Connection team who have gone above and beyond with the last group of dogs that were rescued on March 13th.  Check out their blog and read all about some of the dogs!  If you live in or around the Seattle area and can help the FurKidz team, they could also use a few more fosters with the rescue dogs in their “camp” right now.


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