The Painful Truth

  • There are still somewhere between 50-70 dogs on the property.
  • Many of the bitches are pregnant, or have recently given birth.
  • New litters are being born DAILY.
  • The youngest puppies are the easiest to place, especially when we can catch the mom with them.  Catching mom is incredibly difficult, making her puppies hard to place if they need bottle feeding.
  • The teen puppies are nearly impossible to catch and to place.  They desperately need socialization.
  • Best guess is a dozen of the 4-6 month old pups remain;  3 are caught;  HCSAS erected 3 more catch kennels this past weekend in hopes of catching some of the others.
  • Some of the dogs are injured; mostly the teen puppies.
  • The dogs are mostly “brainy breeds” with a good chance of training them to be awesome pets.  However, the dogs that remain are largely feral; they need a lot of patience and TLC in foster care and permanent homes.  Many don’t know how to trust or be touched.
  • Any of the dogs not rescued by March 15th will be SHOT. Yes, we said shot.  Not by us!! We don’t condone this action AT ALL.  The truth at t he moment is that there aren’t funds to transport the dogs we’re able to rescue and there aren’t funds to humanely euthanize the dogs that remain on the property the day the owners of the dogs have to have them off property.  We’re told that the day we are no longer able to take dogs, after we leave they plan to shoot the dogs we can’t rescue and, in fact, have already shot some.  We DESPERATELY need funds to get as many of these puppies off the property as possible in the limited time left.

PLEASE help HCSAS find, and pay for, safe placement for these dogs before March 15th!!

Help is desperately needed to find placement and to pay for transport expenses, food and medical supplies. Donations can be made to any branch of US Bank or by sending a check to Harney County Save A Stray, PO Box 403, Burns, OR 97720.

If you can help in any way please contact Melanie @ 541-589-1104 or

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