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Neglected Dogs Brought to Greenhill Humane Society

By Stacia Kalinoski

EUGENE, Ore. — In one of the worst animal neglect cases in state history, nearly 150 dogs were seized in Harney County earlier this month.

Those dogs have gradually made their way into shelters around the state. And now, four of them have arrived at Greenhill Humane Society in West Eugene.

The four dogs are among nearly 90 others who were rescued by Harney County Save A Stray and the Oregon Humane Society, but Harney County Save A Stray Rescuer Melanie Epping said there are at least 60 dogs still on the property, a rural farm in Princeton.

Epping said at least 20 are puppies, so rescuers are giving them priority. Butt she said many of the older dogs are just too wild, and may not be able to be saved. Even the ones Greenhill took in, still need some work.

Rita the dog has nothing but food on her mind. The two-year-old has been living off cattle carcasses her entire life. “She definetely loves her treats,” Greenhill Humane Society Kennel Supervisor Dustin Vissering said.

Rita’s the only one Vissering can take outside to play. The other three are still terrifed of human interaction, after living under wooden planks or chained to farm equipment. “I would imagine the dogs, from what we’ve seen, are mostly unaltered, so there was probably a lot of reproducing going on,” Vissering said.

Video courtesy of the Oregon Humane Society captures the nearly 150 dogs, living in sub-freezing temperatures in a high-desert area. The sight leaves dog lovers like one couple, heartbroken. “They were just out there in the snow. And i felt so sorry for them.”

The Cottage Grove woman has anxiously followed the dogs’ progress. She and her husband even visited the OHS last week to see if any of the neglected collies were available for adoption. “We were a little sad that so many got adopted, but happy that so being so close to Christmas, they found homes.”

Now Vissering is trying to get these four ready for adoption. We just want to place these dogs where we can, so we can work with them and get them the best care that we can. Socialization is their main goal as they attempt to get at least two of the dogs ready for adoption by Tuesday. But Epping believes the neglect has been going on for at least five years, making socialization nearly impossible for some of the older breeds.

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