Last year Save A Stray is happy to report 117 dogs and puppies were rescued, many were transported to rescues and shelters and a few were adopted locally. Over 70 cats were fostered, rehomed and transferred to other shelters when room was available.

We assisted in over 264 spay and neuter surgeries which will mean now hundreds of unwanted kittens and puppies won’t be born into a world with not enough homes. We also held our first TNR Clinic in April where 70 feral cats were spayed and neutered in one day. Our work in that area will continue if we can get the grant money to keep it going.We also on occasion help with pet food needs and emergency vet needs when we have the funds. All of our efforts could not continue without donations from our local community, no amount is too small and every penny is used for the direct care of the animals. We don’t have a building to support, instead we foster in our homes until there is room at a shelter or rescue to take in the animals we rescue from harm’s way.

A big THANK YOU to Kimberly and Shelby Brinson that made up wonderful baskets for a dog and a cat to be raffled off during the Christmas Jamboree. They went all out to help Save A Stray and we really appreciate it a lot! We adopted 5 kittens at the Jamboree and want to thank all of you that stopped by to say hi, donate and adopt!

We also want to thank all of you that support us each day with your encouragement to keep going, bringing us cat and dog food, buying litter for our foster mom, putting your change in the cans around town, cash donations and transporting animals for us.  All of your support is priceless and we couldn’t do it without you!

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Christmas Jamboree!

Come see us at the Jamboree this saturday December 8th and see who’s up for adoption. We will have kittens and cats and maybe even a dog or two. We really need to find some furever homes for some great pets! We need your continued support with our mission.   This year so far we have rescued over 100 dogs and 70 cats and helped with spaying and neutering over 250 cats and dogs.  Every donation goes directly to the animals, no amount is too small. You can donate right here on our website with the click of a button or mail your year end gift to P O Box 403, Burns, Or. 97720 We want to thank everyone that helped us out this year, we really appreciate it and so do the animals that you helped to save! Merry Christmas from Save A Stray!

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Update on Princeton’s Maggie

I’ve been meaning to email you and give you an update on Maggie, our Princeton rescue.

I really don’t even know where to start. Maggie, who we fondly call “Sissy” has grown leaps and bounds. The scared, shy puppy has grown into a sweet, strong and very confident dog. The puppy who once cringed at the touch from a human now relishes in hugs and kisses from us. She loves to go for hikes, car rides and is a fetching machine. She just got back from her first visit to the beach where she ripped through the sand like there was no tomorrow.

Maggie is madly in love with our other 3 dogs. She has very much bonded with all of them but has a special connection to our special needs dog Frank. He is a 14 pound Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix (also a rescue) who is completely deaf.  We call her his hearing aid. She is always looking out for him, making sure he never gets to far away. Whenever he strays a little far, we tell her to go get her brother and she runs off, finds him and promptly herds him back to us.  It’s truly amazing to watch.

We are really blessed to be part of her life and everyday are thankful that Maggie is living a happy, fulfilled life outside of that small cold cage she was forced to call home in Princeton. She is our family and we love her.

Thanks for heading up the charge to save the Princeton dogs. Our life wouldn’t have been the same with out Sissy.


I’ve attached a few photos. Enjoy!

(Click any for a closer look)

We Need Your Help!

So far this year Save A Stray has rescued 58 dogs and puppies and and over 20 cats and kittens.  We have spayed and neutered 148 cats and 25 dogs. We transport most of these animals to no kill shelters and rescues so they get a second chance.

Save A Stray needs your help to continue to rescue the animals in Harney County.  We are running very low on operating funds and get calls every day for help from the local community.  If you could help out with cat or dog food or cash donations of any amount it would be greatly appreciated. We are an all volunteer non profit 501 c-3 rescue group and operate on grants and donations.  We have a paypal account linked right here on our website or you can send donations to our P O Box 403, Burns, Or. 97720

Here’s a picture of little Chi Chi that was slated to be euthanized because of a medical condition.  Save A Stray and  the Oregon Humane Society teamed up and were able to give him a second chance.  

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Our First TNR Clinic!!

On April 29th, 69 feral cats in Harney County from 3 different colonies were spayed and neutered. Save A Stray has been working closely for months with The Bend Spay and Neuter Project getting this event put together. Bend SNIP brought their mobil bus along with 6 volunteers of which 3 were veterinarians and they did all the surgeries in one day. There were also 8 Save A Stray volunteers working very hard to make this clinic a reality by doing the actual trapping and assisting with the recovery process and preparing the cats to go back to their colonies.
With the support of the community this will be the first of many more of these TNR (trap,neuter,return) clinics we hope to have because there is such a need in Harney County to stop the overpopulation of wild cats. Most of the time feral or wild cats are being fed so by getting them all spayed and neutered they become better working cats by keeping the rodent population down in the areas where they live. Not only that they are much healthier cats that won’t be spreading any diseases. Every cat getting altered gets a thorough examination, fluids, wormed, wounds treated, shots, including rabies, matted hair shaved and then their ears are tipped so that it will be easy to tell that they have been previously altered if they get into a trap in the future.
If you are feeding feral cats please call Save A Stray as we want to know where they are and how many are in each colony. We know there have already been more kittens born this spring so we have to keep moving forward and hopefully do this again in the fall when the kittens will be big enough for surgery.
Save A Stray would like to thank Don and Sue Ramsay for the use of their property in town, it worked out as the perfect location to set the bus up and have plenty of room to recover the cats until they were ready to be released. This was a BIG part of making this clinic a reality. We would also like to thank everyone from Bend Snip, Dr. Byron Maas (Bend Veterinary Clinic) and Emma, Dr. Scot Shaw, Dr. Linx Alexanderson, Debbie Sironen vet tech, and Pat Hannen vet assistant and project coordinator. Our thanks also goes to Oregon Outback Humane Society who loaned us 24 traps, this made all the difference in capturing so many. The hard working Save A Stray volunteers were Michele and Todd Hamilton, Angie Tiller, Curtis and Melanie Epping, Sue Lacey, Sissy Mills, and Sharon Brooks. Save A Stray rely’s on donations and grants to keep going and would appreciate your continued support. Donations can be made to US Bank, or P O Box 403 , Burns, Or. 97720

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Thank You Pedigree Foundation!

We would like to thank The Pedigree Foundation for their support in helping us with our spaying and neutering efforts in the community.  Please visit their website and learn more about how they help dogs everyday! pedigreefoundation.org

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Year End Thanks from Save A Stray!

We would like to thank all of you that came to our adoption event at the Christmas Jamboree. We adopted out 5 cats and kittens and enjoyed visiting with everyone that stopped by to say Hi.
We would also like to thank everyone that supported us this past year. Those of you that donated, transported, fostered or just said thank you. We appreciate every one of you and want you to know we couldn’t keep helping the animals in Harney County without your ongoing support. Every dime donated goes directly to the rescuing, rehoming, transporting, feeding and vetting of the animals that come into our care throughout the year.
Last year the total number of dogs we rescued is 158 and cats is around 125. This doesn’t count the aprox. 250 cats that were spayed and neutered for low income people in the community.

We wish everyone a happy, healthy and blessed new year!

Melanie, Angie and Michele

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Adoption Event Coming Up!

Please come see us at the Christmas Jamboree on December 10th at the new chamber building downtown.  We will have lots of cute kittens and young cats up for adoption.  We have been swamped this fall with people calling us for help after finding these little ones in need of being rescued. If you have any room in your heart and home for adding a cat or kitten, please call us, we really need to find homes for the ones we have so we will have room to keep taking in more.  Remember we don’t have a building so we have to rely on foster homes until permanent homes can be found. If you are ready to adopt one now, give us a call, we have several that are ready to go!  541-589-1104 or 541-589-2289

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Save A Stray dog on AM Northwest!

Indy was a rescued pup from the HC vet clinic. These are the “Happy Tails” that keep Save A Stray going. Instead of being euthanized because he wasn’t claimed by his owner, instead Indy was rescued and taken to the South Pacific County Humane Society in Long Beach, Wa. From there he was chosen to participate in the “Freedom Tails” program at the Stafford Creek Correction Center in Aberdeen, Wa.  As you can see from the link below he got a wonderful home after going through the training program.  Saving these strays really does make a difference, in fact Indy’s new owner is an author who is considering writing a book about finding Indy through the prison program.


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Our Year So Far

Next month marks our 3 year anniversary since we rescued our first, stray dogs impounded at HC Vet Clinic.  It’s hard to believe 3 years have gone by and we’re still here rescuing animals in Harney County. We want to thank everyone that has supported us in any way, we couldn’t do this alone.

Just last week 7 dogs, 8 puppies and 13 kittens made their way to 3 different Humane Societies to find their forever homes. Save A Stray makes several trips like this a year. We want to thank Chris and her crew from the Humane Society of Redmond for helping us by taking so many of our dogs and puppies for us, please check them out at redmondhumane.org. They have lots of great cats and dogs up for adoption. We also want to thank the Oregon Humane Society in Portland, Or. for helping us out, you can visit their website at oregonhumane.org. And a big thanks to the South Pacific County Humane Society in Long Beach, Wa. that takes in most of our cats and kittens, you can check them out at beachpets.com.  If you are looking for a specific type of dog or cat, please check out petfinder.com.  This is a wonderful tool to go dog and cat “shopping” from the comfort of your own home.  These shelters are a BIG part in the saving of the dogs and cats, without their willingness to take in these animals we couldn’t keep our rescue going.

100% of all donations made to Save A Stray  goes directly to the care of the animals, we are all volunteers doing this in our spare time.  So far this year we have saved over 100 dogs and around 85 cats not counting all the ones we helped to spay and neuter that remain here in Harney County.   We are a 501-c3 non profit so all donations made are 100% deductible.

We continue to ask for your support in any way.  Monetary donations can be made to any US Bank or by sending it to us at P O Box 403, Burns, Or. 97720 or by clicking on the “Donate” button right here on our website.

Please remember to call us if you are looking to adopt a cat or a dog, we may have just what you are looking for! 541-589-1104

Thanks for caring! Save A Stray Today!

Melanie Epping

Angie Tiller  &

Michele Hamilton

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