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Deadline Day Update

Here’s the really wonderful news: We’re almost there and we’ve been given a bit of extra time to make the final push.

Saturday, Curtis and I met up in Longview with Byron from the Washington State Animal Rescue Team (WASART).  He and another WASART rescuer had gone after another load of rescue dogs.  Three of the dogs he brought were strays and not part of the hoarding case.  Those went to South Pacific County Humane Society here in Long Beach (thanks, SPCHS!).  Byron also brought us 11 from Princeton: 2 males and 9 females (2 of which are tiny pups).  Furrkidz911 Connection took this latest bunch of dogs again.  I can’t thank Maria enough for all her help in finding foster homes.

Byron said he got lots of new pics so when he catches his breath he will send them and we’ll get them online for your to see.  He thinks there are 10-12 left to capture and about 5 of those are female.  Those that are left are, of course, the wildest teens. They’re hardest to catch and hardest to place in appropriate foster situations because they need someone with experience socializing feral dogs.  The girls are our top priority; we don’t need more pups!

Thank you to everyone who has offered to take these wonderful dogs.  I’m going through your email now and screening to find the best fits for socializing (foster or permanent).  Once the dogs are socialized, I’ll go through your email again to match up any still needing homes.  If you want to offer to  foster or adopt, send me an email.

Thank you.


WASART photos from last weekend

Honey & Pups

Here are the updated pics of that mom (Honey) and pups that Project Pooch took in in January, they are 6 weeks old today!  Are they cute or what?  Four of the eight pups are already pre-adopted!  I have fallen for the little golden one laying in the front of the crate with the little merle one in front of him!!  ~Melanie

Thanks, Chinook Observer.

Photos by DAMIAN?MULINIX/Chinook Observer

Photos by DAMIAN?MULINIX/Chinook Observer

A great article came out in Melanie’s home town paper in Long Beach, WA today.  The Chinook Observer article details the Princeton case, the work of Harney County Save A Stray and all the people and agencies who have pulled together to make this rescue a reality.


Chinook Observer Weekly Newspaper | Saving one dog at a time.pdf

We’re Official!

Harney County Save A Stray Rescue received an official letter today.  We’re now a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization!

Our designation dates back to September, 2009.  If you’ve made a donation since then, it is tax-deductible.


Feb 26th: 100 Rescued since late December

Here are some new photos taken today February 26th,  of the remaining dogs on the property that still need places to go.  We estimate now there are about 20 to 25 that still hang out around the house.  It’s hard to get an accurate count because they don’t all come back to the house while we’re there.

What I am looking for is small foster based rescues that can each take in a few and follow through with getting them vetted and following through with their eventual adoptions.  I have been getting some feed back from lots of the rescues that have taken some of these dogs in and most are coming around in a very short amount of time.  Right now the owners are working on getting them into pens where we then can get them into crates and then transported to foster homes.

Each rescue, boarding facility, or shelter that has taken some in so far has added up to 100 now that have been rescued since just before Christmas.  How amazing is that!?!  Without every one’s willingness to help out most of these dogs would have been killed one way or another.  We are almost there and I’m really hoping every one of them will have a happy tail to tell!


Feb 26th: Check out this site to follow some of the foster dogs!

Maria with FurKidz911 Connection has been doing an awesome job of updating her blog on the 16 dogs they took into fostering.  Please, take a look at the FurKidz911 Blog.  One of the dogs is very pregnant, Moon, and they even have ultrasound pics!

Feb 21: An estimated 15-20 dogs remain

Today, February 21st,  twenty  more dogs and puppies were rescued!

A big THANK YOU to  Shana and Richard for doing the transporting this time, you both are much appreciated for making that LONG drive to Burns and back up north of Seattle!  A special thanks to Maria with FurKidz911 Connection for coordinating and taking 16 of them into their organization to place in foster homes!   And for Dogstar for helping us out again taking a mom dog and her 3 puppies and with very short notice!

I would like to thank all of you out there that  have e mailed or called me with your offers to help out. This rescue is continuing to move forward because of the support I have gotten.  It really would have had a much sadder outcome had we not have gotten the support of so many wonderful people that love animals!


Feb 13th Update

4 weeks left until our March 15th deadline to get the dogs off the Princeton property.

  • Our transport for this weekend was postponed because the dogs escaped from their cages so we are hoping for more luck next week.
  • There are still about 30 dogs remaining.
  • Best guess is about 10 of the 3-6 month old pups remain.
  • The Sheriff’s Department has told us as long as the rescue effort is going forward, we will have more time to rescue all the dogs.  Thanks to each of you who has donated cash for transport costs.  This makes catching the dogs our #1 priority, followed closely by finding foster and/or rescue placement for them.  The outpouring of outrage and support is overwhelming – THANK YOU.  You really are making a difference!
  • The older dogs and teen puppies are nearly impossible to catch and to place.  These dogs and older puppies will need a secure environment with an experienced owner to get them over their fears of being handled.  They all seem to thrive in a setting where they can be with other social dogs. Of course the adults will be the hardest to place so those are the ones we need to have places to go as soon as we get them caught.
  • The youngest puppies are the easiest to place, especially when we can catch the mom with them.
    These dogs are mostly herding type breeds.  Aussie crosses mostly, cattle dog crosses, with some medium size “fox” looking dogs that may have some Shiba Inu in them.  If you are able to foster to socialize or adopt one of these dogs please email melanie with your information or leave a comment below.  THANK YOU!!
  • We’re not a political organization.  However, because several of you have made comments about the number of cases like this one that seem to come out of this area and the lack of legal controls to discourage hoarders or pay for intervention, here is a link so you can contact Harney County elected officials.
  • Help is still needed to find placement and to pay for transport expenses, food and medical supplies. Donations can be made to any branch of US Bank or by sending a check to Harney County Save A Stray, PO Box 403, Burns, OR 97720.
  • If you can help in any way please contact Melanie @  If you comment to this post with how you can help, leaving your email address, our webmaster will make sure it gets to Melanie.  Melanie is collecting all offers and will contact you when a need matches your offer.
  • If you want to adopt one of the animals already off the property, that helps, too!  Taking a dog out of rescue or foster means there is room for us to put another in.  Here are the organizations to contact:

Play the Dog Catcher Game & Raise $ for the Princeton Dogs!

Powerpets is a free to play educational virtual pet site.  A few days ago Liz & Tony at Powerpets became aware of the situation with the dogs at the Princeton, Oregon property. In order to help out, a new mini game was created named Dog Catcher.

dog catcher game

To help with transportation costs, food and medical supplies and exams, Powerpets is organizing a unique fundraiser. The past few days we have worked hard on our brand new game, Dog Catcher, found in the Action area of the games list.

Your task is simple. When you play the game, catch as many dogs as you can. Avoid bumping into the cows or the electric fence though! Every time someone scores 200 or more points, Powerpets will donate a penny to Save a Stray*.

So head on over, play Dog Catcher and earn cash for this animal rescue! Don’t forget to tell your friends. Below is an email or text message you can send them.

*Total donation will be made to Save a Stray, up to $500, on March 11th. Dog Catcher fundraiser will end on March 10th.

About Powerpets
Powerpets is a free to play virtual pet site for all ages. Created in 2002 by a family, for families. On Powerpets you won’t only care for your virtual pet, you’ll also learn about real life animals and the environment.

There is an endless list of things to do on Powerpets. Adopt from a selection of over 70 realistic pets to adopt and care for. You can play dozens of free flash games including Sleigh Slots, our community slots game. Live Bingo games start every 15 minutes. Dress up your player character. Start an aquarium. Participate in quests. Follow the engaging storylines. Build houses and businesses. Cook in your kitchen. Play the stock market or even just chat on the forums. There is something for everyone.

About Power Rescue
In 2003, Powerpets started the Power Rescue project. Over the years, we have been able to offer financial and material support to animal rescues, animal hospitals, wildlife rehabilitation centers, schools and children’s hospitals around the world.

Email Your Friends
To invite your friends, send them this message or one in your own words:

Powerpets is holding a fundraiser for Harney County Save a Stray who are rescuing tons of neglected dogs from a property in Princeton, Oregon. These dogs were kept without proper food or shelter, on short chains or small enclosed areas.

All you need to do to help with this fundraiser is create a free account on and play the new game, Dog Catcher. Let me know your username, mine is ______.