Another year gone by!

As another year comes to a close we want to give you an update on all that your local, all volunteer rescue group has been doing. Save A Stray receives many calls for help on a daily basis, here are just a few of the reasons – when strays cats are found, owners pass away and their animals are now homeless, kittens have been abandoned because their mama has been killed or they have been dumped, impounded dogs need to be bailed out so they won’t get euthanized, owners can no longer keep their pets for various reasons and owners that are needing help with cat or dog food. We gladly help as many as we can with the resources we have which are most of the time very limited. This past year to date we have rescued 140 cats and kittens and 33 dogs. These cats and dogs were transferred to no-kill shelters and gone on to find loving homes. We desperately need more foster homes for cats and kittens, Angie and I just can’t keep up with the need when kitten season is in full swing, please call or text us if you can help, we provide all the supplies for fostering. Save A Stray also continues our Trap, Neuter, Release program of many feral cats in our community who were once someone’s pet, 121 feral cats were fixed this year! A huge thanks to Sissy Mills and Gayle Macky that are a big part of our TNR program, many cats have better lives because of all their hard work! We also have monthly,low cost, spay and neuter clinics here locally with Dr. Katy and the Sage County Vet Team, we appreciate them so much! This year 22 owned dogs and 80 owned cats were spayed and neutered. I encourage owners to contact me if you need your dogs or cats fixed. There simply are not enough good homes for them all, especially the cats, they are the ones that suffer the greatest because of it! You can text or call us at 541-589-1104. All these services provided by Save A Stray cost money and we would appreciate donations of any amount so that we can continue our work here in Harney County. We have an account set up at US Bank or mail to our P O Box 403 in Burns or at our website We are a 501 C-3 Non Profit, our tax ID # is 27-1114475. Donations of cat and dog food can be dropped off at 132 South Buena Vista in Burns.

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