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Sure most of you would agree that there are certain situations that you cannot turn your back on, for instance, the plight of unwanted, abandoned, and homeless animals. You are receiving this e-mail because we believe you have concern and compassion for our helpless furry friends.

A handful of dedicated people in Burns contribute countless of volunteer hours, and their own money, to help our animal friends in their town because there is no animal shelter; they run the non-profit called Save a Stray . http://harneycountysaveastray.com/

We are hosting this annual spring fundraiser to help Save A Stray help animals, and to provide you animal lovers with the opportunity to help also by choosing to donate to this shoestring animal rescue.


SAS is located in a economically depressed rural area – has lots of homeless animals and few resources;

SAS bails out unclaimed impounded dogs from a local vet clinic so they don’t get euthanized; cats stay with owners or are fostered until they can be relocated;

SAS receives several calls a week to take in unwanted animals;

99% of rescued animals are taken by volunteer drivers to shelters and rescues outside of Harney County where they are altered, and have a greater chance of finding forever homes;

TNR – trap, neuter, and return of feral cats is done almost monthly. After being trapped, the cats are driven to Bend to be fixed at Bend Spay and Neuter, and then are driven back to Burns;

SAS financially supports regularly scheduled local low cost spay & neuter clinics (Sage Country Vet).

Success since 2008
*Number of impounded animals is declining
**Close to 962 dogs, and 905 cats rescued
***1334 cats and dogs spayed & neutered!

IT’S EASY TO DONATE…simply click the DONATE button on the Save A Stray website (above). When you write a check you can send directly to the Harney County Save A Stray Rescue account at US Bank or Save A Stray P O Box 403 Burns, OR 97720. Your donation is tax deductable. At your request we will send you a receipt, please let us know the $ amount of your donation. Thank you.

Yes, every little bit does help! The desperately needed additional $$ will fund the low cost spay & neuter clinics, provide gas money to transport animals, and buy medicine and animal food.

Heading out to Burns? For those of you who like a “hands on” approach, you can drop off donations of cat food; 16lb bags of dry cat food are preferred (they go through one bag a day). Please leave your donation at Sissy’s house – inside the storm door, at 163 W. C St. Burns, OR (just north of Safeway). Again, if you want a tax deductable receipt for your donation, just let us know. Thank you so much!

***If you would like to honor someone with your donation, please provide your loved one’s name and SAS will list the name on the Save A Stray website.***

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