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While we want to help EVERYONE that calls us for help sometimes we are not able to but we can direct you to someone that can, please check the list here on our website.
As most of you know Save A Stray DOES NOT have a building to house the animals and currently have only 3 foster homes. Until we find more foster homes we can not take in any more CATS at this time. If you have a mom cat with kittens and can keep them until they are 8 weeks old and or 2 pounds we can help get mom and all the kittens spayed and neutered at little or no cost to you and then possibly help to find homes for the kittens.


Please call us for more info on how we can help with the feral cats.

Most of the time we can take dogs and puppies, so please call us for help with them.


First if you are moving and can’t take your pet, please check with friends and family first to see if they might be able to help you out.


If you have found a stray dog, it must be impounded at the local vet clinic first and if not claimed by the owner then we will save it from being euthanized. If you have found a stray cat we can help to get it spayed or neutered at NO COST to you if you agree to feed it or can keep it until a home can be found.

Any questions, please call Melanie at 541-589-1104

Save A Stray would like to ask for your continued support by helping in any way you can.

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