Riley Rocks!

Here is a happy tail about Riley (aka Ajax) from the Princeton rescue.  You may remember Riley; he looked so sad in his before photo.  Well, after being in a foster home, and being adopted out a few times,  he has finally found his forever home with Kathleen.  She is committed to giving him the time and patience he deserves!

Things are going pretty well. Riley has warmed up to me a lot and is getting better around my boyfriend. My girl dog is starting to like him, but my boy dog is showing a lot of dominance. I did expect that though. They do run and play together at the river, but my boy dog is still resistant to him. It will take some time!!

Riley gets to play with all the other dogs that want to play with him and he plays very nice. Yesterday there was lots of dogs there, he ran and played in the water like he was in doggie heaven. He wasn’t sure of the water at first, but is getting braver and braver. He is still very scared of everything when we are not out in the open spaces, but with each day I know he will learn to trust us more. He really is a perfect angel, he just needs to come out of his shell.

YAY for Riley!

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