One of “our” dogs won Best In Show!

Jetson the Awesome Mix

Jetson the Awesome Mix

Hi, My name is Tiffany and I adopted Jetson, a Harney County Puppy from Furkid911 last March.  Jetson was a beautiful white pup with one blue eye, one brown.  You call this coloring “double merle,” and his coloring also resulted in deafness in both his ears.  With help of a vibrating collar and American Sign Language, Jetson is growing up like a normal pup and already knows 5 commands and learns a new one practically every week.

Last weekend we thought it would be fun to enter him in Pet Pro’s 1st annual Amateur Dog Show, Seattle, WA.  To our surprise, Jetson won 1st for Best In Show!  I think it’s so ironic that a puppy from such a terrible circumstances could come out on top as he has.  It’s really a testament to a changing trend in dog ownership.  Mutts and rescues are HOT right now.  This Aussie mix, I will now call an “Awesome mix.”

You can find Jetson on” which is like a “facebook” or social networking website for dogs:

I’m touched that people like you give up your time, effort, and most of all expose yourself to heartache and emotions to help save these wonderful dogs so that people like me can find the most interesting companions in the world.

I’m super proud of this pup.

Tiffany (Jetson’s skin mom)

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