Can you help Shadow? He was shot.


Shadow came to us in Burns after being shot by a high powered gun that shattered his foreleg.  He had to have his right front leg amputated as a result.  We’ll post more of his story and photos soon; what is most needed at the moment is money for his vet bills.  The veterinarian gave us a discount on Shadow’s care but the bill is still $586.00, which is more than half our total treasury as an organization.  If you can help us out with Shadow’s medical bills, we’d sure appreciate it!   HCSAS, PO Box 403, Burns, OR 97720.  We’re officially a 501(c)3, so your donations are tax deductible.

Pasado’s Safe Haven is going to take Shadow and let him live in Kitty City, a cage-free environment, until he has recovered enough to be adopted.  He is the nicest boy and seems to be okay despite having just lost a leg.  That animals don’t lose their trust in humankind after things like this is a miracle.

Meanwhile, we’re working to identify the person or people who are shooting and trapping cats.  We know of at least 4 who have gone missing recently in the same mile or so radius.   Warning to the offender(s):  In Oregon, animal cruelty could, if convicted, send you to state prison for five years. That’s according to Oregon’s statute on aggravated animal abuse (ORS 167.322).  Warning to Oregon animal lovers:  your laws are being watered down by sentencing rules.

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