7 more rescues, 4 to go!

On April 29th, five more puppies and two more adults were rescued.  That brings our count to 131!!  A big thanks to Safe Haven Humane Society in Albany for taking  5 more puppies for us and Tracy from Vashon Island and Jen and Mike from Mount Vernon for each taking an adult this trip to foster.    That leaves 4 more and we will have rescued them all.  I can’t tell you how happy I am to be so close to seeing an end to this rescue.  I have so many people to thank, all of the rescues, shelters and individuals that have taken these dogs and puppies in are the true  heroes!!

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  1. George says:

    Way to go, all I can say is a big thank you for all you did and continue to do, Honey also thanks you and is coming alone albeit slowly.

  2. Tina Arth says:

    Animal Aid in Portland was fortunate to be able to take just one of the Harney County dogs last winter (Brutus, the 100# guy who was chained to a concrete block in the snow). His foster family immediately changed his name to Huey, my vet agreed to neuter and vaccinate him for free, and within a month he’d become part of a 4-dog pack in the West Hills of Portland (except when he’s staying in his vacation homes in Bend and at the beach!). I’m not sure how his human parents find room in their bed with Huey, another good sized American Bulldog, a Bernese Mountain Dog, and a blind mini poodle, but they seem to manage. Many thanks to Melanie and all the other Harney County Save a Stray heroes for their fabulous work!

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