Deadline Day Update

Here’s the really wonderful news: We’re almost there and we’ve been given a bit of extra time to make the final push.

Saturday, Curtis and I met up in Longview with Byron from the Washington State Animal Rescue Team (WASART).  He and another WASART rescuer had gone after another load of rescue dogs.  Three of the dogs he brought were strays and not part of the hoarding case.  Those went to South Pacific County Humane Society here in Long Beach (thanks, SPCHS!).  Byron also brought us 11 from Princeton: 2 males and 9 females (2 of which are tiny pups).  Furrkidz911 Connection took this latest bunch of dogs again.  I can’t thank Maria enough for all her help in finding foster homes.

Byron said he got lots of new pics so when he catches his breath he will send them and we’ll get them online for your to see.  He thinks there are 10-12 left to capture and about 5 of those are female.  Those that are left are, of course, the wildest teens. They’re hardest to catch and hardest to place in appropriate foster situations because they need someone with experience socializing feral dogs.  The girls are our top priority; we don’t need more pups!

Thank you to everyone who has offered to take these wonderful dogs.  I’m going through your email now and screening to find the best fits for socializing (foster or permanent).  Once the dogs are socialized, I’ll go through your email again to match up any still needing homes.  If you want to offer to  foster or adopt, send me an email.

Thank you.


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