Play the Dog Catcher Game & Raise $ for the Princeton Dogs!

Powerpets is a free to play educational virtual pet site.  A few days ago Liz & Tony at Powerpets became aware of the situation with the dogs at the Princeton, Oregon property. In order to help out, a new mini game was created named Dog Catcher.

dog catcher game

To help with transportation costs, food and medical supplies and exams, Powerpets is organizing a unique fundraiser. The past few days we have worked hard on our brand new game, Dog Catcher, found in the Action area of the games list.

Your task is simple. When you play the game, catch as many dogs as you can. Avoid bumping into the cows or the electric fence though! Every time someone scores 200 or more points, Powerpets will donate a penny to Save a Stray*.

So head on over, play Dog Catcher and earn cash for this animal rescue! Don’t forget to tell your friends. Below is an email or text message you can send them.

*Total donation will be made to Save a Stray, up to $500, on March 11th. Dog Catcher fundraiser will end on March 10th.

About Powerpets
Powerpets is a free to play virtual pet site for all ages. Created in 2002 by a family, for families. On Powerpets you won’t only care for your virtual pet, you’ll also learn about real life animals and the environment.

There is an endless list of things to do on Powerpets. Adopt from a selection of over 70 realistic pets to adopt and care for. You can play dozens of free flash games including Sleigh Slots, our community slots game. Live Bingo games start every 15 minutes. Dress up your player character. Start an aquarium. Participate in quests. Follow the engaging storylines. Build houses and businesses. Cook in your kitchen. Play the stock market or even just chat on the forums. There is something for everyone.

About Power Rescue
In 2003, Powerpets started the Power Rescue project. Over the years, we have been able to offer financial and material support to animal rescues, animal hospitals, wildlife rehabilitation centers, schools and children’s hospitals around the world.

Email Your Friends
To invite your friends, send them this message or one in your own words:

Powerpets is holding a fundraiser for Harney County Save a Stray who are rescuing tons of neglected dogs from a property in Princeton, Oregon. These dogs were kept without proper food or shelter, on short chains or small enclosed areas.

All you need to do to help with this fundraiser is create a free account on and play the new game, Dog Catcher. Let me know your username, mine is ______.

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