Keebler’s Happy Tail

Keebler is settling into his new home. He especially enjoys eating, chewing on our fingers, and shaking his stuffed animal toys back and forth. Since he came home, he has made good progress with skin and tummy problems. We have seen a huge improvement in his movement and gait in a short time. He is very vocal. He knows how to ask for food by sitting in front of his crate and yelping while wiggling all over in anticipation. He just began sleeping all night long, which is a wonderful event in our home. He is a bright, happy puppy who plays well with his older siblings, and is very responsive to feedback from any of us.  We are so happy to have him with us!  –Laurie

Update 02/04/10:

We just had some really good news!!! Keebs has been seeing the vet 2-3 times a week because his tummy is such a mess, and every time we went in he had lost weight. It was getting scary.

Today, he just went in again and gained 2 pounds from his initial vet visit! And finally he got to get his first vaccine this time too (they were waiting until they thought he was well enough). So we’re making progress. Hurray for poor little Keebs. He has had a rough start.

Thanks for letting me share our exciting news.  –Laurie

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