Feb 21: An estimated 15-20 dogs remain

Today, February 21st,  twenty  more dogs and puppies were rescued!

A big THANK YOU to  Shana and Richard for doing the transporting this time, you both are much appreciated for making that LONG drive to Burns and back up north of Seattle!  A special thanks to Maria with FurKidz911 Connection for coordinating and taking 16 of them into their organization to place in foster homes!   And for Dogstar for helping us out again taking a mom dog and her 3 puppies and with very short notice!

I would like to thank all of you out there that  have e mailed or called me with your offers to help out. This rescue is continuing to move forward because of the support I have gotten.  It really would have had a much sadder outcome had we not have gotten the support of so many wonderful people that love animals!


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