Update: Jan 30, 2010

Today two more mama dogs and their puppies and big Brutus the Pit Bull/Plott hound mix are being rescued from the property, 17 in total (3 dogs + 14 puppies).   Project Pooch in Woodburn will take one of the moms and her pups into their program and Coopers Boarding Kennels in Amity, OR will take the other mom and her pups.  Brutus will be going to the Animal Aid Group in Portland where he will go into a foster home until he is adopted.  Because the dogs needing rescued are mostly running loose it is take a while to get them rounded up.  This will be an ongoing process until they are all caught.

I want to thank EVERYONE that has called or e mailed with their offers to help! Be assured if you have left me a message stating the ways you are able to help in this rescue that I have written down your information and will call you when needed.  Comment to this post and your offer and email address will be forwarded to me.

The pleas for help that have been going out all over the Internet have really made a difference! And because there has been so much outrage about these dogs getting shot and the offers of help that have been coning in I believe now we are going to have a much better ending to this story.  So THANK YOU to all of you that have gotten the word out and have offered to help because you DID make a difference!

Our biggest challenge right now is capturing the dogs.  It may take a few weeks but we are determined to keep moving forward and not give up. There is a chance now that we will be getting help from a large organization that specialize in this type of rescue to capture the dogs and if this happens then what will be needed the MOST will be the foster or permanent homes for the dogs. These dogs and older puppies will need a secure environment with an experienced owner to get them over their fears of being handled.  They all seem to thrive in a setting where they can be with other social dogs. Of course the adults will be the hardest to place so those are the ones I will need to have places to go as soon as we get them caught.  These dogs are mostly herding type breeds.  Aussie crosses mostly, cattle dog crosses, with some medium size “fox” looking dogs that may have some Shiba Inu in them.  If you are able to foster to socialize or adopt one of these dogs please email me with your information.  THANK YOU!!

It is best to reach me by e mail at   melanie@harneycountysaveastray.com.


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